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Adam Wallenta

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Adam Wallenta
Writer and Artist
Punk Taco, Public Enemy, American Adventures

Adam Wallenta is a professional illustrator/writer with 20 years experience. Adam has colored for Marvel and DC, and has written and illustrated books such as the official Public Enemy series with Chuck D, The Supervillain Handbook, The Supervillain Field Manual, The Art of Zombie Warfare, and 48 books in the American Adventures series for young readers. The National Science Foundation funded two volumes of his, Adventures of Geo series, to be used in schools nationwide to encourage reading and science with more on the way. Adam’s latest project, Punk Taco, was created alongside his 5-year-old son and is available now.

Adam Wallenta panels and programming:

Show & Toon: Punk Taco with Adam and Makana Wallenta
Friday September 8, 2023 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm | Room: Kids Love Comics Area

Adam and Makana, the father and son team behind the award-winning Punk Taco graphic novel series, teach you how to draw the fun characters from their hit series. Adam and Makana will discuss the creative process and the journey from first idea to finished book.

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