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Ben Edlund

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Ben Edlund
Writer and Artist
The Tick

Ben Edlund is best known for creating The Tick, a comedy superhero character which has enjoyed steady cult fandom since the late 1980s. Edlund is apparently obsessed — after writing and drawing the original Tick comic book series, he went on to create an animated cartoon (of which 2024 marks the 30th Anniversary) and two live action series based on this long-running character. Alongside the travails of his Big Blue Friend, Edlund has enjoyed a decades-long career in genre television. As a writer, director, and/or producer on series like Firefly, Angel, Supernatural, Revolution, The Venture Bros., and Gotham among others, he has had the opportunity to add his voice to many iconic fantasy and sci-fi shows. Ben still draws, writes, and produces television, and has recently branched out into VR production, just to see what this whole ‘future’ thing is about. He also dresses up like a tiger and fronts the Los Angeles art-rock band Ghost Tyger & Friends, available for parties.

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