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Brian Haberlin

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Brian Haberlin
Colorist | Writer and Artist
Spawn, Witchblade, M-Rex

An award-winning comic book artist, writer, editor and producer, Brian Haberlin began his career in comics working at Top Cow Productions, where he co-created the Witchblade franchise. He co-founded Avalon Studios, which published many successful fantasy and sci-fi titles, including: Stone, Aria, and Area 52.

Brian also served as Editor in Chief of Todd McFarlane Productions and penciled and inked its flagship title, Spawn. After co-founding Anomaly Productions, he’s published Anomaly (and Anomaly: The Rubicon), Shifter, Creative Creature Catcher (augmented reality children’s book), and a number of comics published through Image Comics (Faster Than Light, Sonata, The Marked). He currently writes and illustrates the comic Hellcop. Brian teaches comic art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and his work is in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Museum.

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