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Bryan SilverBaX

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Bryan SilverBaX
Actor | Artist
The Recount, Maniac of New York, Creepshow

Bryan SilverBaX is an American-born artist and actor who has worked as a police officer and who has served in the US Army as a paratrooper. In 2019, Bryan landed his first professional cover artwork with Metalshark Bro. Since then, he has worked with many publishers and retailers to create cover art that has been on titles from some of the industry’s top notch creators. Bryan has also done licensed and promotional work for some major brands and personalities, to include: SA Fishing Company, ProWrestling Tees, Danny Trejo, Scott Hall, and more. Bryan’s creativity has pushed past just doing mind-blowing cover art. He now works with watercolors to create abstract works and continues to expand his professional action career. You need to keep your eye on Bryan. He is a creative person that could pop up anywhere.

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