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Buz Hasson

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Courtesy of American Mythology Productions
Buz Hasson
The Living Corpse, KISS vs. The Army of Darkness, Pumpkinhead

Buz Hasson is a Maryland native who has been drawing since early childhood. An established comic book artist and creator, his work has been featured in Fangoria magazine and in the pages of his co-created comic book, The Living Corpse. He has handled art chores and assists on comic covers for the Grumpy Cat comic, KISS vs. The Army of Darkness, Pumpkinhead, Stargate: Atlantis, Evil Ernie, Sword Quest, Soulfire, Twilight Zone, Hatchet, Night of The Living Dead, Willy’s Wonderland, and more. After a brief stint as a make-up fx artist/concept illustrator for film, Buz took on a formal apprenticeship in the art of Professional Tattooing in 1998. After over 24 years of professional tattooing, his work and clientele continue to expand within pop culture.

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