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Courtesy of Hero Initiative
Chris Ivy
Army of Darkness, GI Joe: Cobra Civil War, Sovereign Seven

Chris Ivy, appearing courtesy of the Hero Initiative, began his career in the storied Marvel Bullpen, working under comics greats John Romita and Don Perlin. After a year, he graduated to the life of a freelancer, where he became renowned largely for his inking skills. He has worked on titles such as Marvel’s Alpha Flight, Avengers, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider, Image’s Shadowhawk, Supreme, and Butcher Knight, DC Comics’ JLA, Flash, and Sovereign Seven, and Dark Horse’s Planet of the Apes, Aliens vs. Predator vs. Terminator, and Star Wars Bounty Hunters: Kenix Kil. More recently, his work has been seen in titles from IDW (GI Joe: Cobra Civil War) and Dynamite Entertainment (Army of Darkness), as well as inks for The Kingstone Bible and The Apostle for Kingstone Entertainment and penciling, coloring, and general design skills on the Kickstarter successes Liberty Brigade and Lost Tales of the Golden Age.

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