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Cully Hamner
Blue Beetle, Black Lightning, The Delinquents

Cully Hamner has drawn many things for many publishers, but he’s probably best known for co-creating Jaime Reyes (DC Comics’ current Blue Beetle, recently adapted into a Warner Bros. feature film); his creator-owned comic Red (also adapted as a pair of hit Bruce Willis films); and a list of credits at DC about as long as your leg — most recently as cover artist on numerous titles across the Batman and Superman lines, as well as the new Blue Beetle: Graduation Day, and interiors on books like Detective Comics, Superman Red & Blue, and Blue and Gold. At Marvel, he’s provided a ton of covers for the Spider-Man titles, Black Panther vs. Deadpool, War of the Realms, Yondu, M.O.D.O.K., Planet of the Apes, Aliens, and the Joe Fixit series. Also coming up are covers for BOOM!, AWA, Tiny Onion, Mad Cave, and many other publishers. His next major projects are Ruby Actual with Greg Rucka and The Book of the Violator with Marc Andreyko, both at Image Comics.

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