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Dan Jurgens
Writer and Artist
Green Arrow, Captain America, Action Comics

Dan Jurgens began his comics career in 1981 as artist on DC Comics’ The Warlord. He then created, wrote, and drew Booster Gold and added Flash Gordon, Legion of Super-Heroes, Green Arrow, Justice League America, and many more titles to his résumé. Most notably, he logged a very long run as writer/artist on Superman, including the best-selling Death of Superman, for which he won the National Cartoonists Society Award. Jurgens followed that up by writing and drawing the mega-hit crossover Zero Hour, which redefined the DC Universe. He drew several other crossovers as well, such as Armageddon 2001, DC Versus Marvel, and both wrote and drew Superman/Aliens and Superman/Fantastic

At Marvel Comics, he wrote and/or drew The Sensational Spider-Man, Iron Fist, The Mighty Thor, and Captain America. Jurgens then returned to DC Comics to write and/or draw Green Arrow, Justice League International, Firestorm, and more. He then revived the true Superman in the Superman: Lois and Clark series, which featured the establishment of Superman’s son, Jonathan Kent, as a major DC character. After that, Dan had long stints writing Action Comics, Batman Beyond, and Nightwing.

Over the past couple of years, Dan has drawn a number of covers for Marvel Comics while also writing and drawing a special story for Thor #750. At DC, he brought the popular pair of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold together for the Blue & Gold miniseries, wrote and drew the 30th anniversary Death of Superman Special, and the Doom Rising series in Action Comics, which featured young Jon Kent. His most recent project is The Bat-Man: First Knight from DC’s Black Label imprint, telling the story of Bat-Man as he was originally presented, back in 1939.

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