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Ed Piskor
Writer and Artist
Red Room: Trigger Warnings, X-Men Grand Design, American Splendor

Ed Piskor has been cartooning professionally in print form since 2005, starting off drawing American Splendor comics written by Harvey Pekar. The duo continued working together on two graphic novels, Macedonia and The Beats. Ed began self-publishing Wizzywig after developing a huge interest in the history of hacking and phone phreaking. His New York Times Best-Selling series Hip Hop Family Tree, which was originally serialized on Boing Boing, has gone back to print numerous times, and won the 2015 Eisner Award for “Best Reality-Based Work.” X-Men Grand Design, for Marvel, was released in 2017-2019 to wide acclaim and his current series, Red Room, is his publisher, Fantagraphics’ best-selling comic in their history.

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