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Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist | Inker | Writer
Harley Quinn, Painkiller Jane, Daredevil

Jimmy Palmiotti is a multi-award winning intellectual property creator and world building architect with a wide range of experience and background in advertising, production, editorial, screen writing, film production, media presentation, and video game development. Just a few of his clients include Nike, Disney, Marvel Studios, Warner Brothers, Lion’s Gate, Fox, Paramount, Dream Works, Lotus Entertainment, New Line, 2KGames, and THQ Nordic.

Co-founder of such companies as Event Comics, Black Bull Media, and the Marvel Knights imprint – a division of Marvel Comics that launched Marvel films and TV properties including the supervision of the titles Black Panther, Punisher, The Inhumans, and Daredevil, which all became blockbuster properties. At Warner Brothers, Jimmy wrote Jonah Hex, Power Girl, Batman, and Superman, and with his wife, award-winning artist Amanda Conner, Harley Quinn.

Jimmy has created and co-created numerous series and characters for a range of other companies and his own imprint, Paperfilms, which is co-owned with his wife, Amanda Conner. They currently create new Intellectual Properties covering a wide range of genres, and he is currently writing the new monthly series Deadly Tales of the Gunslinger for Todd McFarlane.

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