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Mark Redfield
Writer and Artist
Frankenstein Mobster, Vampire Hunters Incorporated, The Death of Poe
Mark Redfield of Redfield Arts Audio is an actor, voice actor, author, artist, and filmmaker. He is adapting and directing Mark Wheatley’s acclaimed comic book series Frankenstein Mobster for audio drama, available on Audible, Christmas 2021. Audio Books available on Audible and other retailers include Sinbad and the Pirate Princess starring Caroline Munro and Martine Beswicke, William Patrick Maynard’s The Terror of Fu Manchu, Gary D. Rhodes’ Offed, Nevermore – An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe starring Jeffrey Combs, A Christmas Carol, Songs of Giants: The Poetry of Pulp (poems by Lovecraft, Burroughs and Howard),and the ghost-comedy Season 13 among many others. He is co-creator, with Stuart Voytilla, of the hard-boiled horror series Vampire Hunters Incorporated. The first novel of the series, featuring vampire hunter Bertram Welles, is called Cult of the Nosferatu and is available in hardback and Kindle everywhere. Films as producer include Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Cold Harbor, The Death of Poe, and Chainsaw Sally. He paints and makes cartoons that are exhibited and  collected by folks around the world. The Redfield Arts Audio Podcast is available on your favorite podcast provider, and presents weekly interviews with creators, including artists, actors, writers, and original audio plays, essays and more.
Mark Redfield panels and programming:

Frankenstein Mobster – The Audio Drama
Friday October 28, 2022 4:00 pm to 4:00 pm | Room: 337

Join Mark Redfield, Jennifer Rouse, and Mark Wheatley as they share behind the scenes stories about how they turned Wheatley’s Frankenstein Mobster graphic novel into a full cast Monsterama Audio. Be there to experience exclusive previews of the audio drama!

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