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Mike Gold
Green Arrow, The Question, Jon Sable, Freelance

Mike Gold has been the Editor-in-Chief of ComicMix, director of editorial development and a group editor at DC Comics, and editor-in-chief of First Comics, which he helped start. Along the way, he’s worked with such notables as Mike Grell, Howard Chaykin, John Ostrander, Del Close, Tim Truman, Joe Staton, Trevor Von Eden, Bo Hampton, Mark Wheatley, Marc Hempel, and many others on properties such as Green Arrow, The Question, Jon Sable, Freelance, American Flagg!, GrimJack, Starslayer, E-Man, and others.

Mike Gold panels and programming:

From Skartaris To Danger Street
Friday October 28, 2022 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm | Room: 337

Join us as we dive into one of the most peculiar comic titles of the 70s and its legacy with creators who have inside knowledge of DC’s First Issue Special. Tom King will discuss his upcoming effort incorporating the various stand-alone characters into the new Danger Street series, and will be joined by the legendary Mike Grell, whose Warlord first appeared in First Issue Special #8. Rounding out the panel is comics veteran Mike Gold, who knows what went down in those DC offices and is willing to share. PopCultureSquad’s Bob Harrison will host.

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