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Morry Hollowell

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Morry Hollowell
Spider-Man (Brand New Day), New Avengers, Wolverine (Old Man Logan)

As a lifelong artist, Morry Hollowell is always looking to collaborate and create the best comic books. He left Alaska to attend the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. Since 2000, he gained a reputation as a colorist at CrossGen Comics and then migrated to work for Marvel Comics exclusively.​

His approach and output are constantly evolving as he hones his personal style. He is no longer exclusive at Marvel and has since worked for Image Comics, Legendary Comics, Valiant Comics, and DC Comics. No matter what, he approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.

The most popular titles he’s worked on include Marvel Knights 4, Marvel Civil War, Spider-Man (Brand New Day), New Avengers, Wolverine (Old Man Logan), and Non-Stop Spider-Man. To check out more that he’s been involved in, go to

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