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Nikkol Jelenic

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Nikkol Jelenic
Midnight Rose, AfterDark, Women of Darby Pop

Nikkol Jelenic is an American horror illustrator, comic book creator, and cover artist. While creating fantastic and gory tales for her own comics and freelancing pin ups and painted canvas works, she continues collaborating with other independent authors and artists that share the same genre interests.

Recently working for AfterShock Comics on graphic novels titled Midnight Rose and horror anthology After Dark as a sequential artist, she is also currently working independently on a few creator-owned titles through various publishers. One is set in a post apocalyptic world and another features monster hunting in a cyberpunk backdrop, both equally loaded with fantasy and horrific art. Nikkol has wrapped up her creator-owned title A Taste For Killing horror comic collection, taking place in the ACID i COMICS universe, with her killer clown tale Chuckles Knuckles-Hook. Her past works include A Taste For Killing, Side-Kicked, Spiralmind, The Fall, Tales From The One Eyed Pussy, Gideon & Sebastian, The Women of Darby Pop, Vampire, Vampire 2, and Siren.

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