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Randy Green
Witchblade, Tomb Raider, Emma Frost

After graduating with a BFA in Painting, Randy Green worked for several advertising agencies as an artist/art director and did some comic book work on the side. During this time, he worked mostly for Dark Horse and Image. Eventually, Randy was able to get enough steady work to pursue comic book art full-time, working for Marvel, DC Comics, and others as well. Top Cow’s Witchblade was his first long run as an artist on a title and opened the doors to many other opportunities, including Tomb Raider and a short-run creator-owned title, Dollz which he hopes to do more with in the future. Afterwards, he continued on some more work at Marvel on Emma Frost and New X-Men Academy X, always managing to squeeze in a project or cover for some of the comic companies here and there. In recent years, Randy has been doing most of his work behind the scenes for Disney Parks, and has had several books come out through Dark Horse and Aspen Comics, as well as several indie creators, and is currently working on a title, Stopwatch, written by Beau Smith coming soon from Clover Press.

Randy has been working comics full-time for nearly two decades now, and enjoys life in the country with his family, wife Amy, and children Haley and Max.

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