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Roy Richardson

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Roy Richardson
Artist | Colorist | Inker
Captain Ginger, Captain America, The Flash

Roy Richardson was inspired to pursue a comics career by the work of Jack Kirby, the groundbreaking Fourth World series in particular. He has worked for all the major publishers, on such books as Captain America, Iron Man, The Flash, Star Wars, and his own co-creation, the Tomorrow Knights, which has been adapted into a roleplaying game from ZMan Games. He also worked for 15 years in collaboration with his wife, June Brigman, inking, lettering, and coloring the Brenda Starr comic strip. The pair took over the artistic reins of the long-running Mary Worth comic strip in 2015, and their new comic book series Captain Ginger has recently launched from AHOY Comics. The couple also have a Power Pack mini-series debuting from Marvel in January of 2024. Roy has had several short stories published in anthologies, and is hard at work on his first collection of shorts, entitled Hillbillies Prefer Blondes, tales of growing up in the South in the 1960s and 70s.

His online portfolio can be seen at

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