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Scott Kolins
Writer and Artist
The Flash, The Avengers, Justice League

Scott Kolins, the award-winning comic book creator known for his art on The Flash, The Avengers, Justice League, Marvel Team-Up, Rogues Revenge, Blue Beetle, and many more titles, hails from Central Wisconsin. He studied at the Joe Kubert School and was a Romita Raider at Marvel Comics. Scott has written and drawn his own book Adam.3, as well as Solomon Grundy, Citizen Cold, Superman-Batman, JSA, and Legends of the Dark Knight. Scott has also worked for Lucasfilm and for The Flash TV show. In case you haven’t guessed, Scott loves comics. He lives in Arizona but travels the world at various conventions, dreaming up new comics and sketching his days away.

You can find Scott on the Web and on social media:
Instagram @scottkolins

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