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Sedat Oezgen

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Sedat Oezgen
Judge Dredd, Quandary

Sedat Oezgen is a German comic book artist who was born in Batman, Turkey. In 1985, Sedat migrated to Germany where he discovered his love for comic books and art. He graduated from the University of Applied Science in Munster, Germany in 2008. Sedat’s first professional work was published in 2009 for Moonstone Books USA. Sedat’s work has been published by IDW, Valiant, Image, Zenescope Entertainment, Moonstone Boos, PKMM Entertainment, Planet Me Productions, Devil’s Due Publishing, and others. His portfolio of work includes covers, sequential, and pin-up art. Currently, he is working on the 2nd arc of Quandary for American indy publisher PKMM Entertainment. Sedat works as an illustrator and commercial artist in the medical field, where he creates medical illustrations, illustrated presentation, and helps to visualize solutions for new ideas in the medical field.

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