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Stephanie Williams

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Stephanie Williams
Nubia and the Amazons, Wakanda, Moon Girl

Stephanie Williams‘ journey from a University of Illinois at Chicago alum to a trailblazing force in the comic book world is nothing short of inspiring. Ditching the lab coat for a pen, this mom-turned-comic-book-creator has been dazzling readers with her imaginative storytelling. Her portfolio boasts an impressive array of titles, including the empowering Nubia and the Amazons, the regal Nubia: Queen of the Amazon, and the action-packed Wakanda #1. She’s also lent her voice to Marvel’s Voices The Family Snikt and Moon Girl, delved into the mystical world with Magic: Planeswalkers Noble #1, and put her research skills to use in her latest book, Strange and Unsung All-Stars of the DC Universe. Stephanie is done, though; she has upcoming eagerly awaited releases: a middle-grade graphic novel, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Wreck N’ Roll, Alien: Red, White, & Blood #2, and her first light novel Apple Black: Origins. With every page, Stephanie continues to redefine the comic book landscape.

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