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Stephen Kok

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Stephen Kok has unfortunately had to cancel their appearance at the upcoming Baltimore Comic-Con.

Courtesy of COMICS2FILM
Stephen Kok
Fractured Shards, Tabby, Terralympus

Stephen Kok is an award winning Australian graphic novel creator. His first work was Tabby (2015) a retelling of Romeo and Juliet with cats! He has written over 15+ graphic novels from a steampunk, fantasy adventure (Word Smith) to a sci-fi epic (Terralympus), dystopian cyberpunk (Fractured Shards) and just about everything in between.

His works can be found in over 500+ public libraries worldwide and over 500+ Australian schools including having multiple works in the Australian Schools’ Reading Challenge. When not working on the next comic title, Stephen enjoys dreaming of visiting a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica!

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