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Steven Grant

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Steven Grant
X, Punisher, 2 Guns

Writer Steven Grant is a longtime fixture of comics, debuting at Marvel in 1978 but gaining notoriety several years later with The Punisher Mini-Series. He has written numerous characters for numerous publishers, including Spider-Man, The Avengers, Batman, Superman, Grifter, Mickey Mouse, American Flagg!, Vampirella, Stone Cold Steve Austin, GI Joe, Masters Of The Universe, and many, many others. His own creations include Whisper at Capital, revamps of Manhunter and Challengers of The Unknown at DC, Enemy at Dark Horse, Edge (with Gil Kane) at Malibu/Bravura, and 2 Guns at BOOM! Studios, which became a Universal film starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. He created the pivotal crime comic Badlands for Vortex Comics, and partnered with Mike Zeck on the Epic graphic novel Punisher: Return To Big Nothing and their original crime mini-series Damned at Jim Lee’s Homage. He has also written film criticism, music reviews, novels, short stories, the long-running online column Permanent Damage, and is executive producing media projects based on his creations. He currently lives in the desert somewhere outside Las Vegas.

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